Montena designs and manufactures pulse generators and turnkey systems for assessing the immunity of electronic equipment against electromagnetic disturbances, with particular focus on high power electromagnetic (HPEM) threats.

Each test system comprises its own control software application, designed to facilitate operation, reduce the risk of errors and optimize test time.


Development centers and testing laboratories around the world count on the reliability and precision of Montena fiber optic transmission links for real-time measurements in remote difficult-to-access locations, in harsh electromagnetic or high-voltage environments.

Montena B-dot and D-dot sensors together with PULSELab software application are the perfect tools for measuring fast electric and electromagnetic transients.


Montena nanosecond repetitive pulse generators are used in various industrial processes, such as pulsed electric field generation for electroporation or efficient plasma sources.

Pulsed electric field (PEF) technology is being deployed in revolutionary applications for food processing, new agricultural processes or improved medical treatments.