Isolated measurement probes

Real-time measurements in high-voltage environments often pose the problem of bringing the equipment close to the measurement point and at a high floating potential level, with all the safety aspects that this entails. This issue can be easily solved by using an optically-isolated measurement probe. The fibre optic cable electrically decouples the measurement point from the measurement equipment.

Isolated measurement probes mw-100

Montena MOL25T and MOL500T are fibre optic analogue transmission systems with compact transmitter and receiver modules which are ideally suited for high bandwidth measurements on high voltage floating potentials.

The shielded, rechargeable battery-powered remote module converts the measured electric signals into an analog optical signal and sends it to the optical receiver module through a standard single mode fibre optic cable. The optical receiver converts back the received optical signal into electric signal.

The DC to 25MHz or DC to 500MHz bandwidths enable accurate measurement of very fast transients.

The fibre optic cable (up to 1km long) provides a safe galvanic isolation between the measurement point and the measurement equipment and the operator.

The strong shielding ensures a clean measurement even in case of strong electromagnetic disturbances.

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The 50 ohms / 1 megohms input of the optical transmitter (MOL500T) can interface with almost all kind of voltage or current probes.

The MOL25T and the MOL500T are available with BNC or SMA connectors, and have selectable 1:1, 10:1 or 100:1 attenuation.

Montena proposes a full range of measurement equipment and software applications especially designed for the measurement of electromagnetic pulses.


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