MIL-STD-461 RS105 / MIL-STD-464


Montena can design a customized NEMP simulator specifically for your existing semi-anechoic chamber.

Typically, the radiating line is terminated against the chamber wall, between the existing absorbers.

A Marx generator delivers the required high voltage pulse required for the custom line to expose the equipment under test to a double exponential waveform of up to 50 kV/m (-0dB, +6dB), with a rise time in the nanosecond range.

Maximizing of the test volume for an existing chamber
Easy to install and dismantle
Adapted to the chamber dimensions
No degradation of chamber characteristics

General documentation

Specifications - Datasheets

NEMP050 Small, compact tabletop NEMP simulator Height of 0.5 m For EUT up to 0.16 m
NEMP140 Small, compact NEMP simulator Height of 1.4 m For EUT up to 0.4 m
NEMP360 Compact NEMP simulator Height of 3.6 m For EUT up to 1.1 m
NEMP500 Compact NEMP simulator Height of 5 m For EUT up to 1.7 m
NEMP730 Compact NEMP simulator Height of 7.3 For EUT up to 2.4 m

Also available with customized versions of the lines, to be directly integrated in the test chamber

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