PULSELab software V1.3.12 released

We're happy to announce that PULSELab software Build V1.3.12 has been released, with new features, usability improvements and other enhancements.

New features (v.1.3.12)

  • Possibility to select another scope when loading a config and the original instrument is not available
  • Possibility to rename scope alias
  • Possibility to customize prefix and auto numbering of report files names
  • Show first channel by default when opening a new graph

Issues fixed

  • Bug fix: loading configurations with fibre optic links

Available o'scope drivers

  • Rhode&Schwarz RTE/RTO, RTM3000, MXO4
  • Teledyne Lecroy
  • Keysight 90k
  • Tektronix MDO-MSO-DPO-2-3-4k
  • Tektronix 7k

More information here.

PULSELab software V1.3.12 released mw-100

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PULSELab software V1.3.12 released mw-100
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