10-meter HPD Simulator

Montena technology has successfully completed the construction of a second Horizontally Polarized Dipole simulator. The system is capable of conducting EMP survivability demonstration tests on large EUT. It is made up of a fast high voltage bipolar pulse generator suspended to a 10 meter (33 ft) high biconical / elliptical antenna. The 50kV/m electric field pulse is generated between both arms of the antenna with a mainly horizontal field polarization in a test volume of about 10 x 5 x 5 m.

Main characteristics:

  • Allows the simulation of a HEMP environment as described in MIL-STD 464C
  • Full remote control and diagnostic capabilities, including powerful post-processing features
  • Automated pulse control and field monitoring using Montena range of electric/magnetic field sensors, fibre optic links and PULSELab software application
  • Set-up/teardown of the antenna and the generator is controlled electrically.

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10-meter HPD Simulator mw-100

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