Our core competencies lie in the design and manufacture of high voltage fast pulse generators and associated measurement equipment.

Montena is now one of the world's leading manufacturers of test systems for assessing the immunity of electronic equipment, larger systems or critical infrastructure to high-power electromagnetic threats. These test systems have been supplied and installed on every continent in more than 20 countries.

We recently developed a new line of repetitive fast pulse generators to address the growing demand for innovative industrial processing techniques based on reversible electroporation or on cold plasmas. We are convinced that these techniques open the way to new applications, with improved efficiency and yield, in a wide range of industries, medicine and even agriculture.

Mastery of high-voltage pulse generation techniques
In-depth skills in the design of antennas, striplines and radiating structures for electromagnetic pulses
Experts in the measurement of fast high intensity voltage and field transients
Extensive experience in the development and manufacture of industrial products and systems

About us

About us

Montena is a privately owned Swiss company focused on designing and manufacturing high technology very fast pulse generators. For more than 40 years, Montena products and systems have been used by EMC test laboratories, research and development laboratories and industrial companies around the world.

The customers mainly use Montena products and solutions in the following areas :

  • EMC testing
  • Research and development in the fields of high-power electromagnetism and directed energy
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting of large, complex systems and power distribution networks
  • Development of new techniques and innovative processes in the agricultural and food industries
  • Research and development of new medical treatments using reversible electroporation.

An extensive network of local representatives ensures fast and efficient sales and support services.

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Our activities in the field of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) date back to 1975 with the creation of EMC Fribourg SA which later became Montena EMC. Over the years, the business of developing EMC test&measurement equipment became large enough to be set up as a separate entity, Montena Technology in 2011.

Since then, Montena has specialized in the development and manufacturing of high-voltage and high-speed pulse generators, as well as in the techniques and tools needed to measure these pulses.

Montena’s products and solutions are used for EMC testing, for R&D activities in the field of high voltage and high frequency, and for new innovative industrial or medical processes using fast electric field pulses. 

< 1960
Manufacturer of capacitors and light bulbs
Manufacturer of production lines for capacitors, light bulbs and CF lamps
Years 1960 - 2000
Creation of the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) consulting and testing department
Development of the EMC test&measurement equipment manufacturing activity
From 2000
First NEMP test system delivered
Launch of the generators for MIL STD 461 testing
MOL3000, our first model of analog fiber optic transmission link
Selling of the EMC test lab
Very fast repetitive pulse generators for industrial processing

All around the world

All around the world