Plasma activated water

When water is treated with plasma, it undergoes significant chemical and physical transformations. The plasma discharge breaks down water molecules, resulting in the formation of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species. These species exhibit strong oxidative and reductive properties, enabling them to attack and neutralize pathogens, bacteria, and other harmful substances. The antimicrobial activity of plasma-activated water makes it an attractive alternative to traditional disinfection methods, as it can effectively kill bacteria, viruses, and biofilms without the use of chemicals or antibiotics.

Moreover, plasma-activated water has shown potential in promoting plant growth and crop protection in agriculture. It can be used as a foliar spray or irrigation solution to enhance seed germination, improve nutrient absorption, and control plant diseases. The ionisation created by a cold plasma in a combination of air + water creates fertilizers and desinfectant.

Pulsed corona is an efficient way to generate cold plasmas. In this technique, short-duration, high-energy pulses of electrical power are applied to a gas, typically at atmospheric pressure. These pulses rapidly ionize and excite the gas molecules, creating a plasma state. The advantage of using pulsed power for generating cold plasma is that it allows for precise control of plasma parameters such as density, temperature, and composition. By adjusting the pulse duration, amplitude, and repetition rate, it is possible to tailor the plasma characteristics to suit specific applications. It is possible to optimise the generation of fertilizer and or disinfectant.

Typically, the pulse voltage shall be in the range of tens of kV and the pulse duration in the range of tens to a few hundreds of nanoseconds, stopping the ionisation process before the current starts to circulate between the electrodes of the discharge plasma element.

Montena designs new pulse generators based on solid state switching, especially designed for nanosecond pulsed corona plasma generation.

Thanks to a modular architecture the pulsers of montena can deliver a large range of pulse intensity and duration.

accelerate the seed germination
improve the plant growth
reduce the need for fertilisers
can be solar powered

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