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19 février 2021

Revisiting the Calculation of Early Time HEMP Conducted Environment

Catégorie : Equipements de test

Abstract: The early time high altitude electromagnetic pulse conducted environment calculation is revisited by using the transmission line (TL) theory and including... Lire la suite

19 janvier 2021


Catégorie : Equipements de test

We're happy to announce that PULSELab software Build V1.1.2 has been released, with new features, new oscilloscope drivers, usability improvements and other... Lire la suite

30 mars 2020

DEF STAN DCS05.B, DCS06.B and DCS12.B Generators

Catégorie : Equipements de test

Montena is glad to announce the release of new automated test systems dedicated to transient susceptibility tests according to the UK Defense Standard 59-411 Part 3... Lire la suite

DEF STAN 59-411 DCS06.B and DCS12.B
06 janvier 2020

Montena delivers its first HPD Simulator

Catégorie : Equipements de test

Montena technology has successfully completed the construction of a Horizontally Polarized Dipole simulator. The system is capable of conducting EMP survivability... Lire la suite

02 décembre 2019

Trigger generator 50 kV

Catégorie : Equipements de test

Montena GT50K generator has been designed as a trigger source for Marx generators and for trigatrons (triggerable spark gap switches). It can replace the obsolete PT55... Lire la suite

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