Striplines / parallel plates

Stripline devices are able to produce very high field with a low power. Our striplines are designed for immunity tests on automotive devices according to ISO 11452-5 and SAE J1113/23. It is fixed on a table and is easy to move. The table can be sloped vertically in order to reduce the width. It is also possible to divide very easily the stripline in 2 parts for the storage or during the transport. The 2 available standard models have an impedance of 50 and 90 ohm. An impedance adapter 50 - 90 ohm is proposed as an accessory. We can also deliver the complete test set-up including all accessories and the control software.

The parallel plate line is specially designed for the immunity test on small and medium-sized devices. It can also be used for specific tests according to the MIL-Standards. The main advantage of this line is that the equipment under test can easily be successively tested in both polarisations without being dismounted. The line is electrically symmetrical and the impedance is adapted through transformers on both sides. The parallel plate line can also be used for immunity tests on automotive devices according to the European directive 2004/104/EC and on broadcast receivers and associated equipment according to EN 55020.

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