MIL-STD-461 CS1xx turnkey test systems

Montena proposes turnkey systems for conducted susceptibility tests in accordance with the MIL-STD 461, test methods

  • CS114, CS115, CS116,
  • CS101, CS109 and RS101
  • CS106

Each system includes as a minimum a generator POG-CS116, that can be completed with test extensions such as CS114, CS115, CS101, CS109, RS101 and CS106. The test system is supplied with dedicated control software applications, that have been carefully designed to facilitate operation, reduce the risk of errors and optimize test time.

The equipment is generally integrated into a 19-inch cabinet which eliminates setup issues.

Extensions for sections 18, 19 and 20 of the RTCA DO-160G are also available.

One single generator output for all CS114, CS115 and CS116 tests
Fast calibration, reduced testing time
Automatic calibration for all CS1xx tests
Automatic generation of calibration and test reports

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