Spacecraft ESD generators

Montena develops and manufactures pulse generators for testing the susceptibility of space equipment to wire-coupled electrostatic discharges.

The ESD test method according to the standard ECSS-E-ST-20-07C §5.4.12, which is commonly used in space industry, has shown weaknesses in reproducibility. The experience has shown that test results can vary from one test laboratory and setup to another, this entails developing an improved methodology and hardware to address the ECSS test shortcomings. The new and alternative test method is now described in §5.4.13 of the ECSS-E-ST-20-07C Rev.2 (3-Jan-2022).
Montena PESD-ECSS-12K test system consists of:

  • a pulse generator (i.e. replaces the spark gap switch defined in the former test method)
  • a current injection probe, to be installed on the cable bundle under test.

Tests performed with this new setup present the same severity as the original ECSS wire injection method and are therefore approved as equivalent.

Reduced set up time, improved test reproducibility
Complete set of accessories for test and measurement available

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