PULSELab : Pulse measurement software

The monitoring of fast pulses requires specific measurement competencies. Montena propose a powerful software application that ease the measurement of the following type of impulses:

  • Current pulse from current probes, Rogowski coils, current transformers
  • Voltage pulse from voltage probes
  • Fast high voltage pulse from V-Dot sensors
  • Fast high intensity electromagnetic pulse from B-Dot and D-Dot derivative field sensors

Montena PULSELab software application automatically controls the digital oscilloscope(s), it improves the measurement accuracy by considering the transfer function of all devices used in the measurement chains (sensors, attenuators, cables, fibre optic links, etc). Raw and compensated data can be displayed in both time and frequency domains, and exported to a text file. Complex measurement setups can be saved and configurations recalled for later use.

Universal pulse measurement software for various types of sensors
Automatic management of one or more oscilloscope(s)
Compensate the transfer function of each element of the measurement chain
Save and recall large measurement setups
Automatic report generation

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