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Actualités / Evènements

03 janvier 2022

New fibre optic transmission link
DC - 500 MHz

Catégorie : Equipements de test

23.09.2021: Montena extends again its range of analog front-end over fibre for oscilloscope with the new MOL500T series, that ensures accurate transmission/... Lire la suite

10 décembre 2021

New MIL-STD generator CS116 levels +7 dB

Catégorie : Equipements de test

We are proud to announce the availability of new damped sinusoid generator that can produce more than twice the current levels of the MIL-STD-461 CS116 test... Lire la suite

16 septembre 2021


Catégorie : Equipements de test

We're happy to announce that PULSELab software Build V1.2.0 has been released, with new features, usability improvements and other enhancements. New features (v.1.2.0)-... Lire la suite

09 avril 2021

1.2 MV NEMP generator in Germany

Catégorie : Equipements de test

Montena successfully commissioned a modern 1.2 megavolts Marx generator at the Defence Science Institute for Protection Technologies (WIS) in Munster, Germany. The aim... Lire la suite

19 février 2021

Revisiting the Calculation of Early Time HEMP Conducted Environment

Catégorie : Equipements de test

Abstract: The early time high altitude electromagnetic pulse conducted environment calculation is revisited by using the transmission line (TL) theory and including... Lire la suite


October 11 - 13, 2023
Tokyo, Japan