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Mi. 02 Januar 2019

Multilink fibre optic transmission 80Hz-3.5GHz

Kategorie: Technology Tests

Montena extends its range of fibre optic transmission solutions with a new multilink version. The MOL2000T series ensures accurate transmission of analogue electric signals (CW and impulses) in harsh electromagnetic environment.

Main features

  • Ultra-wide 80 Hz - 3.5 GHz bandwidth
  • Available in point-to-point and multilink versions
  • Remotely selectable attenuator and preamplifier
  • Automatic regulation of optical losses and thermal compensation for high accuracy measurements
  • High battery autonomy, incl. battery level monitoring and standby mode

Multilink 19" 2U chassis

  • Up to 10 simultaneous channels per chassis
  • FibREmote Windows-based configuration tool


  • Fast impulse or high bandwidth analogue signal transmission over long distance
  • Measurements in physics research centres, particle accelerators, high-voltage substations, railways
  • HPEM / EMP / UWB testing