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03 Januar 2022

New fibre optic transmission link
DC - 500 MHz

Kategorie: Technology Tests

23.09.2021: Montena extends again its range of analog front-end over fibre for oscilloscope with the new MOL500T series, that ensures accurate transmission/... [mehr]

10 Dezember 2021

New MIL-STD generator CS116 levels +7 dB

Kategorie: Technology Tests

We are proud to announce the availability of new damped sinusoid generator that can produce more than twice the current levels of the MIL-STD-461 CS116 test... [mehr]

16 September 2021


Kategorie: Technology Tests

We're happy to announce that PULSELab software Build V1.2.0 has been released, with new features, usability improvements and other enhancements. New features (v.1.2.0)-... [mehr]

09 April 2021

1.2 MV NEMP generator in Germany

Kategorie: Technology Tests

Montena successfully commissioned a modern 1.2 megavolts Marx generator at the Defence Science Institute for Protection Technologies (WIS) in Munster, Germany. The aim... [mehr]

19 Februar 2021

Revisiting the Calculation of Early Time HEMP Conducted Environment

Kategorie: Technology Tests

Abstract: The early time high altitude electromagnetic pulse conducted environment calculation is revisited by using the transmission line (TL) theory and including... [mehr]