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Backery and pastry

Montena has installed pulsed light systems in the foodstuff industry, for various types of food products such as bread, pastries, condiments, etc... Our engineers design the equipment to be integrated in existing or new manufacturing lines, with optimal performances.

The installation above is integrated in a production line of pastries. It consists of a power supply and a control cabinet (on the left), in and out conveyors. The flashing unit is located in the centre cabinet, with air cooling and exhaust.
A remote access connection allows Montena’s engineers to check functionalities and statistics of the equipment, for a simple and effective maintenance and support.

All Montena pulsed light machines are compliant to EN 954-1 category 4, with security circuits on high voltage areas and light emission zones. A complete risk analysis is performed according to EN 1050.

System main characteristics :

  • Maximum flashing frequency of 1.4 Hz
  • Fluency of one light pulse up to 2.2 J /cm2
  • Homogenous flashing area : 46 x 14 cm
  • Designed for 24 hours / 7 days operation
  • 3 lamp cassettes
  • Typical conveyor speed : 0.65 m/s
  • User-friendly tactile colour human-machine interface
  • Operating and amortization costs ~ €1ct
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