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Equipment for test and validation

Deploying decontamination by pulsed light in a mass production process requires some initial tests and validations.
First of all, one needs to verify that the appropriate level of reduction on microorganisms is obtained. Montena possesses a machine dedicated for static tests equipped with 2 lamps. The product to be decontaminated is laid on a quartz glass surface, allowing simultaneous two-side flashing. In case more surfaces needs to be treated, a manual rotation of the product is possible.

Our test & validation machine is mobile (80 cm width) and can be easily transported and installed temporarily in a production area. In existing production lines, where the flashing process cannot always be performed right before the product is packaged, it is critical to establish that a recontamination from the environment cannot take place. Therefore on-site testing can remove all doubts on the decontamination level.

Bulk products can also be difficult to handle with the pulsed light technology, guaranteeing that each product is 100% on all surface properly flashed. A dedicated machine is available in Montena’s premises, for dynamic tests, simulating the real production conditions.
All tests and validations shall be strictly done in respect of certain essential rules. The human being, by nature, makes careless mistakes, misleading sometimes the test results. Montena’s specialists with years of experience can assist you in performing and analysing correctly all tests and validations requested by your specific products. We are at your disposal, with our test equipment, to help you to validate and use the innovative pulsed light technology as an efficient and clean way of decontamination.

System main characteristics :

  • Fluency of one light pulse adjustable from 0.5 up to 2.0 J /cm2
  • Number of flashes programmable up to 99
  • Homogenous flashing area : 46 x 14 cm
  • 2 lamp cassettes, mechanical height adjustable
  • Mono-phase 32A CEI power supply

Montena collaborates with partners capable of analyzing and determining the level of reduction on reference microorganisms.

Test Validation