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NEMP generators

Montena develops and manufactures high voltage pulse generators for NEMP (Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse) / HEMP tests according to MIL-STD-464, MIL-STD-461, AECTP 500, IEC 61000-4-25 or DIN VG 96903-80.

These generators use direct capacitive circuits or Marx technology. Peaking circuits are often used to improve the impulse rise time.

All generators have a remote control unit providing indications and settings of the charging voltage, gas pressures and pulse triggering as well as an interlock switch for safety. USB and RS232 interfaces are available for control software applications.

Montena NEMP generators are designed to be connected to radiation lines such as bounded wave transmission lines (vertically polarized), horizontally polarized dipole antennas or GTEM cells.


  • Technology and design scales up to an erected voltage of 2 MV
  • Interlock switch and automatic capacitor discharge for high safety requirements
  • Compact and robust construction
  • Proven performance and reliability with many generators installed worldwide

Montena design can be adapted to customers’ requirements to fulfil other standards, for other fields of application or for the refurbishment of existing NEMP test installations.



80 kV Double exponential

Rise time : 2.3 ± 0.5 ns

Pulse duration : 23 ± 5 ns
110 Ω Direct discharge circuit
EMP240K-2-23 240 kV Marx generator
+ peaking circuit
EMP360K-2-23 360 kV
EMP480K-2-23 480 kV
EMP800K-2-23 800 kV
EMP1000K-2-23 1.0 MV
EMP1200K-2-23 1.2 MV
EMP1400K-2-23 1.4 MV
EMP2000K-2-23 2.0 MV
EMP25K-2-23 25 kV Desktop generator
EMP10K-2-23-50 10 kV 50 Ω To be connected to a 50 Ω load or to a GTEM cell
EMP25K-2-23-50 25 kV

80 kV
HEMP1600K 1.6 MV (±800kV) 150 Ω For a Horizontally Polarized Dipole (HPD) simulator
Generators for MIL-STD-461 version D are available upon request


Desktop generator

Marx generator