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Pulsed current injection (PCI) generators

Montena makes PCI generators for tests according to MIL-STD-188-125 1 / 2. Pulse current injections (PCI) acceptance testing is used to demonstrate that electrical Point Of Entry (POE) protective devices perform in accordance with the transient suppression / attenuation requirements. 
The PCI tests require high energy generators for delivering current pulses either directly or through coupling devices in the cables.

The short pulse test is covered with two generators, PPG-E1-1200 for current pulses up to 1.2 kA and EMP300K-5-500 for 1.5 kA up to 5 kA pulses. Additionally montena proposes a lower level pulse generator (EMP10K-5-500) for tests on electronic components.

The intermediate pulse test requires a generator delivering up to 260 A.

RF antenna line POE must be tested up to 400 A. Montena proposes two “charge line” generators for testing the susceptibility of those antenna ports. A set of charge line plugs of different lengths are supplied in order to generate frequencies in the specified range.

Each generator is fully configurable, with current adjustable output, manual or remote control.


  • Transportable, compact and robust design
  • Unique set of test generators for MIL-STD-188-125 available on the market
  • Control and data acquisition system is included (calibration, data measurement and automatic report generation)

All designs can be adapted to the customer’s requirements, to fulfil other standards. Montena also supplies all accessories such as inductive and capacitive couplers, isolation devices, termination loads, control and data acquisition software applications.

PPG-E1-1200 50 A to 1.2 kA 80 kV High current PCI short pulse, rise time < 20ns, duration = 500 ns
EMP300K-5-500 1.5 kA to 5 kA 350 kV
IPP3K-4MS 3 to 260 A 3 kV PCI intermediate pulse, rise time < 1.5µs, duration = 3 - 5 ms
CLP40K 4 to 400 A 25 kV Charge line pulser, 50 Ω output,
10 test frequencies up to ~250 MHz
CLP5K 0 to 50 A 5 kV Charge line pulser, 50 Ω Type-N output, 11 test freq. up to 477.5 MHz
EMP10K-5-500 3 to 200 A 10 kV PCI short pulse for tests of electronic components