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Ultra WideBand test setup
IEC 61000-4-36 UWB

UWB refers to a high power electromagnetic (HPEM) threat for electronic and computer systems. Standardisation bodies such as IEC Study Group 77c are working on threat classification and test procedure definitions.

The test setup consists of a fast pulse generator connected to a HIRA (Half Impulse Radiating Antenna). The HIRA has the ability to radiate a narrow beam of pulsed electromagnetic energy over a large bandwidth. This antenna can also be used for continuous wave signals. Electronic equipment immunity assessment is the main application of this test setup.


  • Transportable test system for onsite testing possibilities
  • Parabolic antenna with adjustable horizontal and vertical tilt
  • Measurement sensors adapted to the test system


Pulse generation High speed pulse generator GP10-01-2 Up to 10 kV, typ. rise time: 130 ps, pulse duration: 450 ps, repetition freq: up to 1 kHz
Half Impulse Radiating antenna HIRA180S 1.8 m diameter, frequency range 100 MHz to 6 GHz
Test accessories High voltage RF attenuator /load HVAT50K, HVAT200K
54 dB attenuators, 50 Ω, up to 200 kV
High voltage cables HVK50, HVK200 Coaxial cables, up to 200 kV
Measurement equipment Free field sensors + access. SFE3-5G, SFE10G or SFM8-5G D- and B-dot sensors 3.5 GHz, 10 GHz and 8.5GHz with balun and cables
Derivative voltage sensor VDOT8, VDOT8GS, VDOT200K Derivative voltage divider for pulse measurement,  up to 200 kV
Data transmission MOL3000 + FCLB50 Analog optical link with 50 m single mode fiber
Sampling oscilloscope OSD20G 20 GHz bandwidth acquisition module
Shielded box SB3G Enclosure to protect the oscilloscope from EM pulse
Trigger generator TG-1K Single pulse up to 1000 pps to synchronize the pulse generator and the oscilloscope trigger.
Software   Remote control of test equipment and measurement management


UWB system description