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Pulsed light basics

Decontamination thank to pulsed light technology was discovered in the 1970’s but its first industrial application is however more recent. The idea is to illuminate the surface of the product to treat with a very strong flash of light, similar to a big photography flash lamp.
The pulsed light technology used for decontamination is a very clean and non-thermal process. No preservatives or addition of chemicals, no contact with the product, eco-friendly and energy efficient are among the many advantages brought by this technique.
The rapidity of handling allows its use in high speed mass production processes such as in-line treatment of foodstuff, packaging, consumables and drugs.

The results on the products treated with pulsed light equipment are truly impressive:

  • Reduction of bacteria and spores up to 6 log
  • Reduction of mycotoxins and other molecules
  • Product shelf-life increased
  • No alteration of colour, taste and texture
  • Product preservation with very high a (water activity)

Montena technology masters all competences in electro-technics, mechanics and automation to develop, build and integrate pulsed light equipment in your assembly line.

Montena has installed the first equipment for food decontamination in Europe, operating in industrial mass production environment. This system has flashed and improved the preservation of millions of products, to the full customer’s satisfaction.

Pulsed light decontamination consists of high density light flashes generated with a discharged lamp. Due to the high voltage applied between the lamp electrodes, the gas ionizes and creates an electric arc. The broad emitted spectrum has a high UV content.

  1. A high voltage generator stores energy in capacitors (many kJoules). This energy is repetitively released in the lamp thank to an electronic switch.
  1. The discharged lamp is enclosed in a proper optic cavity, which focuses the light beam on the areas to be treated. The fluency of 1 light pulse corresponds to around 40’000 times the sun on earth.
  1. The light spectrum resulting is wide and intense, with high UV content. The light emission is homogenously distributed on an area of some dm².