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Route de Montena 89
1728 Rossens
Tel. +41 26 411 84 84
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About montena

Since many years, the Group Montena has been active in manufacturing of capacitors, light bulbs, high voltage devices and process automation.

1975 sees the foundation of EMC Fribourg SA with original core competence in electromagnetic compatibility.

Montena technology, specialized in the field of high voltage and high speed pulse generators, combines competences in electrical and mechanical engineering. Montena’s engineering staff masters many technologies such as pulse generators ranging from picoseconds to microseconds rise time, with high voltage / high current discharge and very precise waveforms (square, damped sinus, double exponential).

We develop and build systems for the following market segments :

  • Test and measurement equipment according to MIL Standard for test laboratories for defence, aeronautics, aerospace, automotive, …
  • Pulsed light machines for high rate mass production processes in food, packaging industries
  • Medical equipment for computed light tomography
  • Space industry with assembly of boards in cleanroom environment