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Nanosecond high voltage generators

Montena technology develops repetitive high voltage pulsers for applications requiring nanosecond pulses, for example for plasma generation, electroporation or pulsed electric fields (nsPEF).

Possible applications are multiple in biotech, food industry, dentistry, veterinary medicine, surface treatment, gas cleaning, etc.


  • ecology (gain of energy)
  • replace chemical methods
  • high productivity
  • allow precise dosage

Example of pulse waveform on a 50 ohm load (2kV/div - 20 ns/div)

Typical applications
To promote the development of microorganisms (e.g. microalgae, cyanobacteria, etc.)
Plasma activated water (e.g. plant growth stimulation)
Gas cleaning (e.g. CO2, etc.)
Cold plasma generation
Electroporation (permeabilisation of cell membranes through the application of electrical pulses)
Stimulation of heat-shock proteins
Tumor ablation with a non-thermal high voltage electric field