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Fibre optic links

Montena manufactures a range of broadband optical links for analogue signal transmission up to 3.5 GHz.

The model MOL2000T with remote gain control is available in versions point-to-point and multilink with up to 10 channels per chassis. The model MOL3000 has fixed gain and is proposed in version point-à-point only.

In the point-to-point versions, both the transmitter and the receiver modules are battery-powered and are shielded against strong electromagnetic fields. In the multilink version, the transmitters are battery-powered and are shielded too, while the receivers are powered and controlled from the chassis.

Reference Type Specifications
MOL2000T Optical transmission system with remote gain control, available in versions point-to-point and multilink 80 Hz - 3.5 GHz / 
-62.5 to +24 dB
FO2Cxxx Fibre optic cables for MOL2000T 10 - 1000 m
MOL3000 Point-to-point optical transmitter and receiver (fixed gain) 80 Hz - 3.5 GHz
FCLBxxxFibre optic cables for MOL3000 10 - 1000 m


Accessories are proposed such as battery-powered preamplifiers and a reference pulse generator for verification purposes.

PRA3G20DBattery-powered preamplifier 20 dB80 Hz - 3 GHz / 20 dB
PRA3G40DBattery-powered preamplifier 40 dB80 Hz - 3 GHz / 40 dB
PG100MV200PBattery-powered reference pulse generator, for MOL3000250 ps / 400 mVpp