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Fibre optic links

Montena manufactures a range of broadband optical links for analogue signal transmission up to 3.5 GHz.

The model MOL2000T with remote gain control is available in versions point-to-point and multilink with up to 10 channels per chassis. The model MOL3000 has fixed gain and is proposed in version point-to-point only.

In the point-to-point versions, both the transmitter and the receiver modules are battery-powered and are shielded against strong electromagnetic fields. In the multilink version, the transmitters are battery-powered and are shielded too, while the receiver modules are powered and controlled from the chassis.


  • Especially designed for operation in harsh electromagnetic environment.
  • Ultra-wide 80 Hz – 3.5 GHz bandwidth ensures an accurate transmission of fast rise time and long pulse duration signals.
  • Remote gain control and standby mode (MOL2000T) provide high flexibility when testing large and complex systems.
Reference Type Specifications
MOL2000T Optical transmission system with remote gain control, available in versions point-to-point and multilink 80 Hz - 3.5 GHz /
-62.5 to +24 dB
MOL3000 Point-to-point optical transmitter and receiver (fixed gain) 80 Hz - 3.5 GHz /
0 dB


Accessories are proposed such as battery-powered preamplifiers and a reference pulse generator for verification purposes.

PRA3G20DBattery-powered preamplifier 20 dB80 Hz - 3 GHz / 20 dB
PRA3G40DBattery-powered preamplifier 40 dB80 Hz - 3 GHz / 40 dB
PG100MV200PBattery-powered reference pulse generator, for MOL3000250 ps / 400 mVpp