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Passive integrator, high impedance adapter, balun and inverter

Passive integrators are used to compensate the derivative behaviour of the B-dot, D-dot electromagnetic field and voltage sensors. They have 1 megohm output impedance and should be directly connected to the oscilloscope high impedance input.

The high impedance buffer amplifier (IA1M50) converts the signal of high impedance systems to 50 Ω equipment, such as remote measurement of voltage probe using a 50 Ω fiber optic link.

Ultra-broadband baluns and pulse inverter are available for miscellaneous measurements.

ReFeRENCE Type Frequency
In / out
ITR1U2-A Passive integrator 1.0 GHz 50 Ω / 1 MΩ input N, output BNC
BL3-5GBalun500 Hz - 3.5 GHz50 ΩSMA
BL10GBalun100 kHz - 10 GHz50 ΩSMA
INV10GPulse inverter200 Hz - 10 GHz50 ΩSMA
IA1M50 High impedance adapter DC - 650 MHz 1 MΩ / 50 Ω input BNC, output SMA