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Pulsed Current Injection
MIL-STD-188-125 PCI

Fixed and mobile ground-based mission critical C4I systems (command, control, communications, computer, and intelligence) require full functionality and network interoperability during and after exposure to HEMP environments. Hardening requirements include stringent shielding, electrical POE (Point Of Entry) protection and special protective measures.

Montena has developed a full range of pulse generators according to MIL-STD -188-125-1 & 2. This standard describes the pulsed current injection (PCI) tests, simulating the currents induced in cables exposed to NEMP pulses. The systems provided cover the short pulse (E1) and the intermediate pulse (E2) tests. A charge line pulser is also available for antenna line testing. Accessories such as current injection and measuring probes, coupling and decoupling networks, fiber optic links, etc.. are delivered with the equipment. A PC software application drives all the instruments for a simple and effective operation.


  • Unique fully compliant test solution to cover the entire standard requirements
  • Transportable for on-site verification tests
  • Control and pulse management software package to simplify the test procedure


Pulse injection Generators PPG-E1-1200 50 A to 1.2 kA, short pulse
EMP300K-5-500 1.5 kA to 5 kA, short pulse
IPP3K-4MS 3 A to 260 A, intermediate pulse
CLPxK 4 A to 400 A, charge line generators
Coupling devices IC3B For short
pulse only
Inductive coupler for common mode pulse injection
230 V, 60 A, 2 power lines coupler
230 V, 60 A, 4 data lines coupler
CCL2500 230 V, for very high current, 1 line
Test accessories Isolation devices DL3 230 V, 60 A, 2 power lines decoupling box
DS3 230 V, 10 A, 4 signal lines decoupling box
Dummy load TLB4 Resistor box with 0.2, 0.5, 2 and 50 Ω
Measurement equipment Current sensors   Set of current probes for injected and residual current measurement
Data transmission MOL3000 + FCLB50 Analog optical link with 50 m single mode fibre
Oscilloscope OD4C1G 1 GHz bandwidth, 4 Gs/s, 4 channels
Software   Control and data acquisition software


PCI system description