FibREmote : configuration app for optical links

FibREmote is a proprietary application designed for configuration and monitoring of Montena's fibre-optic transmission links. Its graphical user interface provides a comprehensive overview of the available optical links by monitoring their connection state and allows the operator to comfortably configure the relevant parameters, such as the attenuation or the input coupling impedance.

FibREmote is available in 2 versions :

An Android App for mobile phone, available on Google PlayStore. That Android version can manage one point-to-point MOL25T, MOL500T or MOL2000T fibre-optic link by connecting the smartphone to the USB port of the MOL receiver module.

A Windows application for PC is available here. The Windows version can manage an almost unlimited number of MOL fibre-optic links, in their point-to-point or in point-to-rack versions.

Note that is it always possible to control the MOL fiber-optic links using the ASCII command based serial protocol available through the USB interface of the receiver modules.

Available as Android application for quick and simple configuration
Windows version for unlimited number of managed optical links
Integrated in PULSELab software

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