Repetitive nanosecond pulsers

Montena repetitive nanosecond pulsers are based on fast semiconductor switching techniques. Thanks to our innovative design, each switching element is able to commute >1 kV in a few nanoseconds at a pulse repetition up to 2 kHz. These switching cells are stacked to build the heart of modular pulsers with output voltages of a tens of kV and multiple pulse shapes and durations.

Montena nanosecond pulsers are ideally suited for industrial deployment. The pulse parameters (amplitude and duration) and sequences are configurable from the control interface. A built-in analogue signal divider enables an external live monitoring of the output pulses. The pulser also comprises an internal monitoring system ensuring the traceability of the delivered pulses.

Solid-state switching technology
Modular architecture
Built-in output pulses traceability
Configurable pulse parameters

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